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10 Mar 2016

Trakhees - Launches New Website new look With a new package of smart services (To include E-272 service and a number of smart applications)

Out of the keenness of the Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees about to proceed forward with the development and the development of electronic and smart services, and within the framework of the circuit by lifting the level and quality of services within its strategy for 2016 and follow up integration and progress go hand in hand with the aspirations of smart our government in the development zones in the Emirate of Dubai.

And to reach the highest smart in different categories of service levels; it has launched its new website new look and the launch of the website of Procedure (ECN) for all staff licenses with a number of smart applications that coincide with a vision of the future licenses..

16 Jan 2016

H.E. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem relies on Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 for Trakhees for year 2016 

The Department of Planning and Development - Trakhees has been careful to achieve its strategic plan for 2016 as per the goals of Dubai Strategic Plan 2021, which has re-formulated the vision and mission from which "licenses" has to keep pace with the escalating development in the sustainable economic development of the Emirate and support the overall performance and development of the Ports and Customs Foundation and the Free Zone.
H.E. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said, "to proceed from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the need to adopt best strategic plans that keep pace with the latest developments in the global and regional developments in order to define our ambitious targets to achieve his directives to make people....
18 Feb 2016

MOU between «DP World» and «Trakhees » Requiring waste management service providers for ships to comply with «MARPOL»

In another step aimed at strengthening the treatment of pollutants from ships at the port of Jebel Ali, DP World - UAE, the regulatory arm of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone in Dubai, signed memorandum of understanding with «Trakhees» to compel waste management service providers vessels by applying the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of ships known as «MARPOL Protocol».

Protocol prevents contamination of the environment resulting from the remnants of ships at sea and in port basins, and the International Convention for several modifications undergone according to special supplements issued by the International Maritime Organization.

03 Nov 2016

Trakhees contribution in Dubai Universal Accessibility 2020

As part of Trakhees contribution in Dubai Universal Accessibility 2020, CED-Trakhees invited the stakeholders for a Presentation with Road Show for accessibility strategy and action plan by the specialised consultant “GAATES “.