CRM & CSR section is responsible for handling customers’ relations, supervising centralized contact center and managing activities related to corporate social responsibility.

The section will also look at different processes or methodologies which can be used to learn more about customers' needs and study their behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. This will help the businesses better use of technology and human resources to gain insight into customers’ behavior and their value in order to increase their satisfaction and happiness

Moreover, the section will manage all the activities related to corporate social responsibility as a part of the organization’s commitment towards its community and environment in order to encourage a positive impact on them.


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CRM Objectives

  • Conduct customers’ satisfaction surveys.
  • Manage customers’ complaints and feedbacks.
  • Handle customers’ inquiries though setting up a centralized contact Centre.
  • Monitor and improve customer satisfaction and happiness.
  • Support in improving business efficiency by enhancing organization services.
  • Achieve 360 degree of customers' life cycle and a holistic view of the customers' relationship with the organization.
  • Create Database with and maintain its privacy, security, completeness, and cleanness.
  • Customers' classification and data segmentation and clustering.

CSR Objectives

  • Improve organization's performance and role within the environment and the society.
  • Promote and enhance businesses and individuals' participation in the CSR across all the organization.
  • Create positive and productive relationship between internal and external stakeholders.​