The Architectural Section undertakes the review and approval of the architectural aspects of all submissions to the Permit Section, with the aim of ensuring that the building design meets with the minimum requirements stipulated in the “Building Regulations and Design Guideline” code. The Section also ensures through its review that any proposed design is in line with the accepted “Master Plan” and the “Design Control Regulations” as set by the relevant Business Unit.


The expertise of the Architectural Section’s staff span the full spectrum needed in their work. With a mandate of responsiveness and customer focus, they enjoy professional relations with clients. Professional Development is a key activity through which the staff upgrades their technical, communication and people’s skills.


The AS handles the review and approval of Preliminary Design Submittal and the architectural aspects of Building Permit Submittal. It also handles the architectural aspects of Revision Submittal, comprising architectural changes. The Section also works in conjunction with various Business Units to help them in developing their Master Plans and Development Control Regulations.

Members of the staff take almost full responsibility for the delivery of Accreditation Sessions for both the Blue Code (Building Regulations and Design Requirements) and the Turquoise Code (Design Provision for People with Disability) which adds a vital communication channel with the engineering community and helps in improving submittal quality and their level of regulatory compliance.


The Section was a major contributor to the Blue Code (Building Regulations and Design Requirements) and was the contributor to the Turquoise Code (Design Provision for People with Disability). The Section also developed and continually refines a set of checklists and forms that help streamline processes within the Section and for its clients.


The Section celebrated the Accreditation of the 50th Batch in the Blue Code on June 10th, 2008 and the launch of the Turquoise Code on June 15th, 2008.


Section’s staff members facilitating the Blue Code Accreditation were acknowledged on June 10th 2008, when celebrating the conclusion of the 50th Batch of Blue Code. The Manager of the Section was honored on June 15th 2008 for taking the time and effort to develop the Turquoise Code.


The Section’s staff is always prepared to answer enquiries, be it by telephone, e-mail or by drop-in visitors. Enquiries can also be sent to the following general e-mail address:

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