Building Completion


The Building Completion Section undertakes the inspection and approval of the works completed under a Building Permit or a Modification NOC. The aim is to ensure that such works comply with approved drawing and specifications and are in line with applicable regulations specifically the Blue Code (Building Regulations and Design Guidelines).

The Section issues a completion document to signal the compliance of the works with approved drawings and regulations and their readiness for occupancy for the intended purpose.


The Section’s staff has the expertise and experience needed in their work in its various facets. Professional Development is a key activity through which the staff upgrades their technical, communication and people’s skills.


The BCS handles the inspection and approval of construction works covered by either a Building Permit or an NOC for Modifications. It also handles the inspection and issuing of a specific NOC for DEWA to connect utilities at substantial completion of a project, to enable commissioning of Fire Fighting and other systems. Upon successful inspection either a BCC (Building Completion Certificate) for BP works or an NFC (No Further Comment) for Modifications works. An NOC for DEWA purposes is issued upon successful inspection for substantial completion.

The Section is fully automated through eBCC and MPS System, starting with application for inspection, and ending with issuing the completion certificate and any communications and need for re-inspection in-between.


The Section’s staff is always prepared to answer enquiries, be it by telephone, e-mail or by drop-in visitors. Enquiries can also be sent to the following general e-mail address:


Client Procedures



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