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“Quality is not merely an end; it has become a way of life” -H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The need for and use of a Quality Control function can not be overemphasized. Quality can not be tested nor inspected into a product, it must be built in.

The Quality Control Section (QCS) was developed as a part of CED Permit Section in November 2005 with the vision of improving and controlling the quality of construction materials and practices in the booming construction sector in the regulatory territory of PCFC- CED. The QCS aims at ensuring compliance of the construction materials with Local Standards, Internationals Standards and Project Specifications for the best interest of the Client.


The QCS staff consists of a group of professional engineers specialized in different construction sectors and focused on fulfilling their duties through proper advice and transparency with construction personnel. Continuous improvement of their technical and communication skills is what QCS adopts for increasing job efficiency and raising its standards.


The QCS scope of work covers all materials related to construction industry in the Civil and MEP services sectors such as concrete and its constituents, masonry blocks, steel reinforcement, pumps, heat exchangers, fresh air handling units, sanitary wares, ducts and piping work, etc… Inspections are conducted at random in order to ensure that quality control requirements are fulfilled at all times.

The requirements of the QCS are mainly those of International Standards (BS EN, ACI, ASTM, AASHTO, NFPA, ASHRAE, SMACNA…) and Local Regulations. The Green Code, “Construction Materials Quality Control Guidelines” outlines the basic and minimum requirements for building a simple but effective system for controlling the quality of work and basic materials used in construction. The Green Code is also covered under the Accreditation Program run by CED where QCS’s engineers carry out the facilitation for this program.


QCS is in the process of preparing guidelines for different construction materials that will be issued in the near future such as “Waterproofing Guidelines”; “Painting Guidelines” and “Guidelines for Fire, Smoke and Combined Dampers – Construction and Installation”.


Quality Control Section initiated the registration process of Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants supplying to projects under CED’s jurisdiction. All necessary details and registration procedures are available on the RMC registration circular.

Quality Control Section is also developing three major certification programs aiming at making a great leap into improving the quality of construction at sites.

The programs are “Certification of Site Laboratories”, “Certification of Concrete Field Testing Technicians” and “Certification of Ready-mixed Concrete Suppliers” which will be implemented soon.


QCS has organized different events during the last two year among which are “Launching of Green Code - Construction Materials Quality Control Guidelines” that was held in April 2007 and “50th Batch for Green Code Accreditation Program” that was held in October 2008.

Moreover, QCS will be organizing several events in 2009 such as “Launching of Guidelines for Fire, Smoke and Combined Dampers – Construction and Installation”, “Launching of Certification Programs of RMC Suppliers and Concrete Field Testing Technicians”. The events dates’ will be announced in due time.


QCS Senior Manager has received an award from H.E. Sultan Ahmad Bin Sulayem and from Excellence Center.

Two of QCS engineers were honored on the 50th Batch for Green Code on 22nd of October 2008 by Engineer Nazek Al Sabbagh, Managing Director of TRAKHEES for their assistance in conducting facilitation for Green Code batches in 2008.


QCS engineers are available to respond to any inquiry that might be raised and they are reachable through their mobile phones or email addresses. For general inquiries, emails may be sent to: ced.quality@trakhees.ae


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