Drawing Office



The Drawing Office function is to support engineers, architects, designers, surveyors and other professionals involved in planning, design, construction and post construction activities.

The Drawing Office’s history is that of CED. The construction of Mina Jebel Ali and its completion established the Port Authority of Jebel Ali and part of it was the formation of the Civil Engineering Department comprising an engineer, a draughtsman and a crew of staff for facility maintenance and overseeing further development. With the establishment of JAFZA in 1985, the department saw an ever increasing role until the formation of Dubai Ports Authority in 1991. The establishment of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation in 2001 later gave the regulatory authority to the department and its area of jurisdiction was much expanded in 2005.

The first use of CADD in the early 1990 advanced the Drawing Section into the new generation of drafting and expanded into a greater role in the creation of data of the Geographical Information System in the early 2000. The exaltation of the department by being a paperless office in February of 2007 proves its commitment to the best practices possible


The Drawing Office staff consists of qualified and experienced personnel in the field of architecture and engineering. With the use of more advanced drawing tools in Building Information Modeling, it supports the department goals of continuous improvement of their drafting skills and advancement.


The Drawing Office is responsible for a range of tasks including the preparation of drawings for lease, planning, project preliminary, design and construction; documentation control; record maintenance and updates; creation and maintenance of data of leasable facilities; GIS CAD data; review and approval of ROW NOC; plots and utilities demarcations check and inspections.


For Demarcation Service Write to : Trakhees.Demarcation@trk.pcfc.ae

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