The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it."

—Jack Dangermond


Having accurate and comprehensive geographic information is key to the success of any organization that deals with geography. CED is the first ‘Dubai World’ Department to have a full-fledged Geographic Information System. CED management decided to invest in this state of the art technology realizing the impact geospatial information could have on the Department and other entities it is associated with. The GIS section was established in the year 2000 with active participation from the Information Technology Center (ITC) of Dubai World.

Today, the GIS section can boast of the vast amount of data and the many user-friendly applications that provide data to users who don’t need to be specially trained to use the geospatial information.


The GIS section is handled by a group of professionals with different expertise such as: GIS Engineers, GIS Database Administrators lead by the GIS Manager.


Major tasks of the GIS section are the following:

 - Input and update Geographic data.

 - Develop applications for users, providing easy access to the data and support such applications

 - Train users on various applications


Geographic Database is mainly made of the following types of data.

 - Cadastral database for areas occupied by JAFZA

 - Digital Terrain Model / Digital Elevation Model

 - Vector data representing various surface features and utilities data covering underground service lines.

 - Ortho-images data and satellite data in various resolutions.


There are various applications developed and/or supported by the GIS section. Some such applications are the following:

1. PCFC MapCentral: This is a web portal through which access to Geographic Information Systems is made simple and straightforward. Users can access complex GIS data through a familiar web interface.

2. Lease Drawings: This is a user-friendly application that helps in preparing drawings that are part of the lease agreement between Leasing authorities such as JAFZA and their clients. These drawings show boundaries of properties that are leased and relevant associated information.

3. e-Map (Internal): This intranet application is designed keeping in mind the regular information requirements of the Sales and Marketing personnel and can be used as a comprehensive tool for supporting their Decision Making. The designed Intranet application is an integration of GIS and FZIS information of the Free Zone. In addition to the S&M personnel, JAFZA e-map can also be explored by authorized JAFZA and PCFC users for their day-to-day information needs in an easy to use manner.

4. eMap (External): This internet application is an interactive query systems designed for the JAFZA and Port prospective visitors who would like to view the information on the companies operating in JAFZA; searching companies by name, activities or country of origin; locating facilities, landmarks and PCFC departments etc. on map; generating map based Driving Directions to reach a specific company or any other location in JAFZA and Port areas. In addition general information on typical facilities offered by JAFZA is also provided on the site.

5. PCFC OrthoPhotos: This site showcases the historical and current Aerial Photographs of Port and Free Zone Areas available with the GIS Section of Civil Engineering Department. A casual visitor of the site can map the development growth visually over a period of years whereas the current information can be used by the serious visitors for day-to-day engineering and planning related activities.

This application is designed and developed in-house by the GIS Team in an effort to share the large amount of OrthoPhotos raster data in a simple to use interface among PCFC users.

In addition, the GIS section supports the eSite application by providing GIS Data and by hosting the data created and maintained by this application: eSite is a hi-tech web-based system that incorporates a sophisticated work-flow engine along with database applications. The geo-spatial map data extracted from the GIS database and the schedule and inspection information are sent via GPRS to the latest PDA devices which are used by site inspectors.


 - Dubai Government Excellence Program Award was presented to the e-Map application in the year 2003.

 - Geospatial Excellence Award at the Map World 2009 Forum. Received by Engineer Nazek Al-Sabbagh-Managing Director of Trakhees, at a grand ceremony of the Map World 2009 Forum, held in Hyderabad, India. The award was presented by Professor V.S. Ramamurthy - Chairman, Board of Governors, Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), India, in the presence of eminent personalities and professionals from across 40 counties.


Supported the Map Middle East Conference 2006 by setting up a stall showcasing some of the products of the GIS section


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