Urban Planning Section



CED - Planning Section in Trakhees is responsible of reviewing all the Master Plans requirements for each developed community within Dubai world to ensure reaching minimum planning standards.

CED - Planning Section uses the principal background information to support the land use goals and policies of the Master Plan. It takes into consideration present and expected population, economic, and housing trends which influence land development in each community.


The planning staff consists of a group of professional Urban Planners and engineers specialized in Master Plans and focused on fulfilling their duties through proper advice, guidance and transparency. Planning engineers adopt continuous improvement of technical and communication skills to increase their efficiency and productivity.


CED - Planning Section reviews documents such as Master Plans of Dubai World land developments to serve as a guide for public and private decision-makers regarding the future physical development of the community.

The major functions of the Planning Section are the following:

- Study, discuss and Approve Master Plans prepared by Master Developers within Dubai World according to the CED-Yellow Code Standard.

- Reviewing/ Approving Affection Plans according to the approved master plan information.

- Study all exceptional planning NOCs requested by developers based on proper business justification and needs according to CED-Yellow Code Standard.

- Reviewing/Approving detailed design of infrastructure according to the approved master plans within Dubai World.

- Study/Approve all requests received from Government Authorities regarding new infrastructure upgrading.


“Urban Planning & MEP Services Regulation and Technical Guidelines” known by the “Yellow Code” is a book which provides a set of regulations and standards to ensure buildings integrate with the natural environment, to protect and enhance land and property and to maintain the values created in the community.

However, the regulations contained in this document shall be considered the minimum requirements and developments shall also comply with all relevant legislative requirements of Dubai Authorities and Environment , Health and Safety (EHS) of Trakhees - Ports , Customs and Free Zone Corporation.


Planning Section engineers are available to respond to any inquiry related to planning issues that might be raised and are reachable thought their mobile phones or email addresses . For general planning inquiries, emails may be sent to: ced.planning@trakhees.com


Master Plan Process - Preliminary review Submission requirements

Master Plan Process Preliminary review-Check List

Master Plan Process Final review-Submission requirements

Master Plan Process Final review Check List

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