Rules & Regulations


General Employment Rules & Regulations

  • All the employment & residency procedures will be executed by the GS Section in which ID card will be issued for the new employee.
  • All Trakhees companies are obliged to use Trakhees Employment Contract for sponsored and non-sponsored employees “The employment contract available at Trakhees forms”. Any side contracts different than Trakhees will be rejected.
  • 3 original copies of each employment contract must be issued for Trakhees, the company & the employee.
  • Minimum salary acceptable to sponsor an employee is 1,000/- AED, plus food, accommodation and transport allowances.
  • Employees entitlement for Office facility: 1 employee against every 9 /sqm.
  • For any additional employee above quota will be subject to management approval, with non-refundable charge of AED 5,000 "new & renewal of residency" for each extra employee including the non-sponsored. “Above quota request form available at Trakhees forms”.
  • The GS Section is responsible to resolve labour issues & dispute cases between the employer and the employee.
  • The company obliges to assign a designated PRO who will represent the company at Trakhees GS Section & will be responsible for delivering and collecting the official documents related to the company.
  • For additional employments rules & regulations refer to the Personal Secondment Agreement and Trakhees Employment Contract.
  • The details for scheduled Medical appointments will be notified through the regular communication channels.
  • In case the personal miss a scheduled appointment, a penalty of AED 50 is applicable for rescheduling.
  • Duplicate requests may be recalled and refunded prior to processing. However, requests that have already been processed will be cancelled & refunded with deducting the government services charges plus 250 AED service charges.
  • Invalid visas that are based on incorrect details in the application form will incur correction charges.
  • All application must be typed capital / block letters only. Incorrect visas based on non-block application forms are not acceptable.
  • Application for personal who are inside the UAE will not be processed prior to submitting all original documents.
  • Visa cancellation is refundable, after deduction of Trakhees service charges plus admin charge 250 AED.
  • After Residency Permit Stamping there will be no refund for any charges.
  • In application forms, all fields are mandatory and no field should be left blank. Incomplete application will not be processed.
  • All details filled in the application form should be as per the personnel's passport details.
  • Any incorrect details (which do not match the passport or other attached documents will render the visa invalid and require visa cancellation.
  • A new visa must be applied for and a new service charge is applicable.
  • If the online or original visa is lost or misplaced, a letter from Dubai Police is required to obtain a duplicate visa. Charges will be applicable entry permit, visas and related letters.
  • Residence permits that are stamped for the occupation of "Food Handler" may not be collected prior to obtaining an Occupational Card from EHS-Trakhees.
  • All requests related to visas should be made strictly during CLD working hours (7:30 am to 3:30 pm) .
  • Trakhees PRO s are available at Dubai Airport for emergency cases only.
  • Air tickets to be purchased by company after visa cancellation only.
  • All communication to any government department should be via TRAKHEES.
  • Requests without formal confirmation will not be entertained.
  • All original Passports to be attached with employment contract during the submission via PRO.
  • For any changes in job title or salary a separate form has to be filled and submitted to TRAKHEES (refer to personnel secondment agreement).
  • Medical tests will take place after client’s confirmation of the personal’s arrival.
  • Trakhees will not be responsible for any employee conducting medical check-up through external clinics (other than the advised Clinic).Hence, the company will be debited full medical check-up charges.
  • Stamping of Residence permits will take minimum 3 working days.
  • Entry permit normally takes 3 working days to issue, but middle east nationals and other certain nationalities can take up to 15 working days. In case if any Entry Permit exceeds 15 working days TRAKHEES should inform the client if they wish to proceed or cancel.
  • VVIP service is implementing for VIP & Investor visas only with a formal request from the authorised person.
  • Each company should provide Trakhees with salary statement (every three months), stamped & singed by authorised person, and the submission of statement will be through Trakhees counter or through Trakhees email address.

Service Fees & Fines Regulations

  • The charges are subject to change according to the government’s regulations and internal management decisions.
  • The services’ charges sheet available in customer service desk.
  •  For processed transactions & cancelled due to any reason, visa charge is refundable only after deducting all the service charge plus 250/- AED as administration fees. "invoice copy required for the refunding purpose".
  •  No credit notes will be issued for any dispute invoices more than 6 months from the date of the invoice.
  • Trakhees will take no responsibility for any fines charged by the Immigration Office or fines occur due to expiry of the visas.
  •  The company responsible to pay the fines. The company is responsible to settle any fines 1 week from notice date.
  •  If Trakhees found to be illegally utilizing the services of employees from other Company shall be fined AED 25,000 per person and the employee involved shall be given an initial warning.
  • If company repeat this violation, then a fine of AED 50,000 per person shall be imposed and the operation of the Licensee shall be suspended.
  • In case of delay submission for the salary statement every three months (maximum 15h day of forth months) a penalty will take place as followings:
    • From the 16th day to 20th ( block on services & verify from the client)
    • From the 20th day to 30th (Fine of AED 2500 + block of Services)
  •  A penalty of 5000 AED will take place plus (investigation & block services), if a company does not update employees status as (job title, salaries, others).

Bank Guarantee Procedures

Reference to Trakhees's secondment agreement regulations of sponsoring employees all the companies are required to provide labour bank guarantee letter against the sponsored employees. Bank guarantee is an undertaking letter issued by the bank “the guarantor” at the request of the company to pay unconditional to the beneficiary “Trakhees”.

  • The guarantee letter should be issued by a Local or International Bank which has a branch in the UAE.
  • The letter should be valid for 1 year from the date of issuing, renewed automatically by the bank.
  •  The value of the bank guarantee amount is 3000 AED.

Withdrawing Bank Guarantee

To withdraw the existing bank guarantee letter:

  • Request letter form the company with B/G details or copy
  • Terminate the employee from the company’s records & clear any due amounts.

Deposit Cash/Cheque Labour Guarantee

Depositing the labour guarantee as cash, cheque or bank transfer to Trakhees account, subject to management approval.

  • The value of the bank guarantee amount is 3000 AED.

Refund the Deposit Guarantee

  • Refunding deposit applicable only at the time of termination of the company.
  • The refunding options are:
    • To be credit against the company's dues 
    • Issue cheque under the company's name or authorized person name only.
  •  The company should clear all the due amounts with CR Section and Finance Departments.
  • Refund Requirements: client must submit the original guarantee form & original deposit receipt.

Exemption from Guarantee

  • The exemption is only applicable for two employees selected by the company who are at managerial levels only.
  • To be exempted submit undertaking form when processing the employment request at the GS Section - available at Trakhees forms.
  • Non-sponsored employees are exempted from labour guarantee by default.