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Commercial & Government Services Sections

The Commercial Registration section of Commercial Licensing Division (CLD) provides integrated services for its valuable clients using simplified procedures for all services that may be needed for licensing, to enable fulfilment of the client's applications and requests within a satisfactory and targeted time line. There are many commercial services provided by the CLD. Some of those services are: Free Zone License, Local Company License, Hotel & Tourism Licenses, and other services. And the Government Services Section of Commercial Licensing Division (CLD) provides services ranging from Employment Visas, Non-Sponsored Employees, Dependants Visas, Visit Visas, Visa Transfers, ID Cards, PRO Cards, NOCs & Letter Requests, Termination & End of Service,  and related affairs to availing daily administrative letters and a wide host of other government related services.

Business Development Section

The purpose of this section is to study the working procedures and methods of the models, analysing them in order to facilitate easy working procedures to complete the work and solving problems by recommending an appropriate solution. Also identifying training needs in order to maintain and enhance productivity.
As well as implementing the requirements of ISO 9001 quality certification in CLD. Additionally selecting appropriate key performance indicators to measure the performance of staff. In addition receiving customer complaints and suggestions, distribution of questioner for customers to take their views regarding the quality of services and have them evaluated. Coordinating with other departments to speed up and simplify procedures.

Inspection Section

The purpose of this section is to ensure that client are complying with the laws and regulations, and maintain public security through inspection and make sure that the client do not employ any labour who is not under Trakhees visa.

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