Established in 1992 and initially named “Free Zone Industrial Operations Control Department”, EHS grew alongside the rapidly developing Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority to become an integral part of the expansion.

The progression of other Business Units within the Group, combined with the expansions of JAFZA and DPA, necessitated the development of EHS as an additional Business Unit.

As a full pledged Business unit monitoring commercial and industrial businesses’ compliance with government regulations, EHS has progressed to achieve international awards. EHS has set industry standards by providing outstanding levels of service and performance.

EHS has adopted a mandate of commitment to its clients, based on delivering service which exceeds expectations. These services relate to a wide range of activities: from environmental sustainability and occupational safety, to chemical, radiation, and biological hazard protection.

Today, EHS is globally positioned among world class contenders in the field of Environment, Health and Safety.

Corporate Identity


The rebirth of Group EHSS Division is patterned towards its vision for growth and improvement parallel to that of Ports, Customs and Free Zone (FZ) Corporation.

Driven by the exponential growth of its clients as well as the fast growing number of business units being serviced, Group EHSS Division needs to reposition its services to a wider level to cover PCFC and its business units. Though its services are considered world-class and recognized by award winning bodies like Dubai Government Excellence Program, still the division faces the challenge to improve its current services and to provide additional services to satisfy all its clients.

As the division grows, an image was conceived to identify it as independent, and well organized that is in line with its regulatory service provider and life with safety protector functions summed up to “environmental protection”. This will reinforce our commitment to provide effective and efficient services as well as develop stronger and lasting relationship with our clients and the environment as well.