Construction Safety


The EHS Construction function oversees the regulation, monitoring and enforcement of health, safety and environmental standards on all construction projects in the Dubai World portfolio. This includes landmark and iconic projects such as The World, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Maritime City, Jumeirah Village, International City, Jumeirah Golf Estate, Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Waterfront. The construction team is made up of health and safety professionals with a wide range of experience in construction related fields.

With the implementation of Construction Safety Regulations and Standards, EHS have ensured that the framework exists for construction activities on Dubai World projects to be carried out to recognized international standards. With a team of over 15 Safety Engineers, EHS regularly monitors all construction projects. As a minimum, all main contractors are visited and inspected every 4 - 6 weeks but the visit frequency is adjusted depending on the level of compliance on the projects. Where non compliances are identified follow up visits are carried out much more frequently to ensure that the necessary action has been taken.

The enforcement element of the EHS Construction function is governed by their CARE (Considerate And Responsible Enforcement) principle. This ensures that everything they do with regards to enforcement is done fairly, the main aim always being improvement in health and safety standards.

EHS Construction is at the forefront of driving health and safety good practices in the United Arab Emirates and is involved with a number of initiatives. One of the landmark achievements of the Construction Regulations and Standards was the introduction of a registration scheme for all safety advisors working on Dubai World developments. This scheme provides a 2 days health and safety training followed by a written exam. The training is mandatory for all safety advisors working in Dubai World developments.

The EHS Construction function vision is simple. They believe “every worker is owed the right to go to work and return home at the end of each shift in the same condition that they arrived”. This is a value that drives the whole department.

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