Resources are not endless. And as the world come into terms that the integrity of the environment should be in the fore of development – Trakhees-EHS, through this department, implements viable controls for the protection and sustainability of the environment.

Anchored from the Federal legislations on the protection of the UAE environment, Trakhees-EHS’ core policies, standards, approaches are patterned from rulings and agreements at the international arena. These are carried out for stringent compliance of developers, companies and facility operators within Dubai World for the industries to continuously propel this Emirate to progress without compromising the future of the natural environment.

Major Activities/Functions

  • Comprehensive review process of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports for categorized development projects to assure protection of the environment in all stages of the project covering pre and actual construction, operation and closure;
  • Conduct of stringent monitoring of operational facilities for follow-through of compliance to all environment?related regulations and standards;
  • Permitting program of environmentally-critical activities within facilities such as Air Emission, Dewatering, Hazardous Waste Transport and Discharge among others for better notation and compliance verification;
  • Permitting of captive facilities such as marine mammal and public aquarium facilities to assure safety of species of flora and fauna held in captivity and to assure that operations and activities within the facility are in compliance with all local and international policies;
  • Screening and initial approval of waste disposal, particularly hazardous wastes generated by Free Zone industries;
  • Authorization/NOC issuance for in-situ activities (e.g. coral translocation, marine survey, aquatic animal export, tree cutting or relocation etc.) that may result to impacts to the natural environment;
  • Respond to environment and wildlife incidents;
  • Promotion of technologies for clean production, waste reduction and re-use; and
  • Other environmental matters/concerns.

For any concerns, please contact EHS.environment@trakhees.ae