Freezone Industrial Operations

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FZIO Department mission is to prevent & minimize work related illness,​ injuries and deaths and bringing the accident rate to lowest level by effective implementation and enforcement Local/Federal/International of Rules/Regulations/Standards/Guidelines for workplace safety and health in highest level.


The Free Zone Industrial Operations (FZIO) Department is part of the Environment, Health and Safety Division of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) Trakhees. Its scope of role includes Advisory, Regulatory and Enforcement for all clients (non-food activities) having Commercials, Trading and Industrial Activities and operating under jurisdictional area of PCFC and Dubai World (DW) Business Units. It provides a wide range of support/assistance on all aspects of Occupational Safety & Health and implements all Local, Federal & International Standards, Rules, Regulations, requirements (wherever applicable) established by EHS Division and other concerned Authorities of United Arab of Emirates (UAE).

FZIO follows mainly the principles of good regulatory practices in terms with consistency, proportionality and openness especially when taking enforcement action on clients who deliberately or consistently breach with the EHS requirements. FZIO exercises high-quality of customer service and delivering it in a courteous manner.

FZIO facilitates compliance through a positive and proactive approach in order to maintain higher compliance rates and reduce the need for reactive enforcement actions.

The FZIO management and the rest of the team have a duty of care and a responsibility towards their client to ensure that all their activities are free from Risks and Hazards, and their operations are in harmony with statutory and regulatory requirements.


1. Inspections:

On regular/routine/random basis EHS Officers visits/inspects/checks the client's facilities and bring out the unsafe conditions, unsafe acts & violations in contravention with the EHS Requirements and presence significant & potential risks/hazards.

The following inspections are being carried out for all non-food related facilities for Trading & Industrial Activities:

i) Inspection & Issuance of Operation Fitness Certificate (OFC) for new facilities.

ii) Inspection & Issuance of OFC Amendment.

iii) Inspection & Issuance of OFC Renewal for existing facilities.

iv) OFC Surveillance Inspection.

v) Routine Inspections.

The following inspections are being carried out for all non-food related Retail outlets and Office kind of activities:

i) Inspection & Issuance of EHS NOC for Activity Verification (AV).

ii) Inspection & Issuance of EHS NOC for AV Amendment.

iii) Inspection & Issuance of EHS NOC for AV Renewal.

iv) AV Surveillance Inspection.

v) Routine Inspections.

2. Accident Investigations:

On receipt of call from the Emergency Control Room, Duty EHS Officer visits & inspects the accident site, investigates and determines the possible underlying root cause of the accident and prepares the Accident Report. The accident findings will be brought into the attention of the client for immediate rectification & implementation to prevent similar incidents in future.

3. Inspection for Lease Termination;

Prior to Lease Termination of the existing facilities, EHS Officer carries out the site visit/inspection and accordingly sends Termination Report to the respective client through concerned BU. Lease Termination is approved upon satisfactory site clearance for any kind of waste accumulation, land contamination or any kind of significant EHS Impact.

4. Inspection & issuance of Entry Pass for Gas Cylinders Transporting Vehicles

5. Inspection & issuance of Entry Pass for Mobile Cranes

6. Inspection & Issuance of Entry & Exit Pass for Radioactive Sources:

The Import, Export, Use & Storage of Radioactive sources are broadly monitored and governed at state level by Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation. However, to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and to control and monitor the Entry & Exit of Radioactive sources, a Radiography Entry Permit (S1) & Exit Permit (S2) is required to be obtained from the EHS-Trakhees.

7. Inspection & Issuance of Radiography Permit for Industrial Radiography:

For entry of radioactive sources and carrying out Radiography activity in the PCFC / DW jurisdictional areas, Radiography Permit (S3) is required to be obtained from the EHS. This activity is being controlled due to the significant risks from Radioactive material.

8. Review of Third Party Pre-Qualification Application for Registration of Lifting Equipment & Pressure Vessels Consultants:

FZIO reviews and ensures that Third party consultants for Testing & Certification of Lifting Equipment & Pressure Vessel fulfill all requirements for: professional competency, personnel experience/qualification, equipment test methods, quality control and the way of reporting for each type of Inspection activity within their respective field. EHS approvals are issued to third Party companies who fulfill the EHS-Trakhees pre-qualification requirements.

Summary of IO Performance in the past years: