Health Section


Public Health and safety

The EHS Health Department had assessed the needs of its clients as it relates to public health. Client-based activities are becoming the major focus of the department, recognizing the new role that must be established to ensure a healthy community. Health Department is responsible for the approval, licensing, monitoring and control of health establishments as well as health care facilities under Dubai World and its business unit’s clients. This includes inspections of health facilities like manufacturing / processing companies, temporary campaign & events and traders. The inspections are done routinely and on a complaint basis to ensure compliance with local as well as international standards, guidelines and procedure.

Scope & Enforcement

The Health Department is responsible for enforcing all local and international safety legislation relating to the businesses from initial production to final sale of the products.

Plan Review

All new or remodelled establishments related to Health are required to submit plans to be reviewed for compliance with regulations. As part of this process, construction or structural design inspection are performed after completion of the construction. Client has to obtain a Building Completion Certificate/Modification completion certificate (BCC/MCC). Once BCC/MCC is issued the client can then apply for Operations Fitness/NOC Activity Verification Certification (OFC/AVC) to be able to start operation in the facility.