Application Forms

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CPM-F01b, Declaration - Conflict of Interest clause (Mar-2019, file size: 32 KB, file format: DOCX)
CPM-F01c, Declaration - Blacklisting and Litigation (Mar-2019, file size: 30 KB, file format: DOCX)
CPM-F01d, Format of RESUME for SHIP SURVEYOR and HAZMAT SUPERVISOR (Mar-2019, file size: 38 KB, file format: DOCX)
CPM-F02a, Disabled Ship Entry Form (Aug-2018, file size: 256 KB, file format: PDF)
CPM-F04a, Ship Repair Work Permit (Aug-2018, file size: 351 KB, file format: PDF)
CPM-F04b, Work Permit Tracking Sheet (Aug-2018, file size: 235 KB, file format: PDF)
CPM-F05a, Checklist - Bunker Tanker (Feb-2019, file size: 263 KB, file format: PDF)
CPM-F07a, Marine Accidents Equipment and Machinery Malfunctioning or Failure Form (Oct-2019, file size: 595 KB, file format: PDF)