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EHS-Ports & Maritime Department Introduction

The EHS- Ports & Maritime department came into existence on 11th April 1999 with clear goal is to achieve “safe and environmentally clean Port & Maritime industry in the world”. This department has grown into a strong and diverse force in the Dubai World’s Ports and Maritime industry, striving hard to achieve our goal. The department has the following objectives “To ensure all Port’s & Maritime Industrial Operations are performed safely in clean working environment in line with applicable Federal, Local , International Standards, Rules and Regulations”. and “To detain or reject substandard vessels or vessels not meeting the requirements of the applicable local and international rules and regulations such as IMO requirements etc.,” The EHS-Ports & Maritime inspectorates have achieved the distinction of being the first such inspectorate to be formed in the entire UAE to achieve safe Ports & Maritime Industry. To develop a sound foundation at the grass root level of the safety culture, this department has adopted the methodology of triple-E. The approach has been towards Engineering the system (design of projects, procedures and practices), Education (training) and Enforcement (implementation). Various booklets have been developed and the awareness is spread through distribution of booklets, training and circulars etc.,

Area of Responsibility:


Port Jebel Ali / Port Rashid / Port Hamriya / (Other DP World- UAE Region Ports (Fujairah, Abu Dhabi )) and Nakeel

Maritime Industry

Dry-docks World-Dubai / Jadaf Dubai / Dubai Maritime City

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 All Type of Ships Inspection.

In order to make sure that the EHS requirements are followed in shipping activities, strict Inspections are carried out regularly, with a special emphasis on detention/rejection of substandard vessels or vessels not meeting the requirements of the International Safety Management Code and various IMO & Ports Requirements


Dubai Worlds’ Projects Review , Risk Assessment and Evaluation

Any construction/modification/demolition projects within the port premises are reviewed and evaluated for health, safety and environmental compliances. Appropriate EHS recommendations are integrated with the projects prior to execution. Regular inspections to the project site ensure further EHS standards and prevent any accident within the port. Wastes generated from these activities are disposed as per Dubai municipality requirements.











Monitoring and Pollution Control

Dubai Port ’s operational activities are inspected in compliance with safety and environmental requirements. Especially during the cargo operation, both vessel and port facility are given high importance in terms of EHS issues. Dust pollution resulting from bulk cargo handling is properly controlled to prevent pollution to harbour water and port facility. Ships emanating black smoke are immediately identified and instructions are given to mitigate such air pollutions. This approach makes the ship to maintain its equipments to the acceptable standards.

Hazardous Waste Disposal/Management

Hazardous wastes generated from Ports & Maritime Industrial activities are properly disposed as per Dubai municipality requirements under the monitoring of EHS. Ships willing to dispose both hazardous and non-hazardous waste are disposed as per local requirements, for which EHS extends all possible support to ships so as to stop illegal dumping of waste by ships. Waste Recycling and Minimization Stringent measures have been taken to minimize and recycle the waste generated in the Ports & Maritime Industries. Our EHS team assesses all waste and the rejected cargo from auctioning and recyclable wastes are sent for recycling which contributes toward resource saving.


Ship Repair Activity Approval & Inspection

The ship repair activities inside the Dubai World premises are inspected regularly for compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Only EHS approved ship repair companies are allowed to carryout the repair activities under the supervision of EHS approved ship repair supervisors and surveyors.

Handling of Leaking Containers and HAZMAT Emergency Contingency Response

property and environment.


Issuance of Marine compliance advises.

Ships calling Dubai ports are scrutinized and allowed on the basis of safety and environmental aspects requirements. Ships are advised to follow port requirements on case-to-case basis as and when ship deviates from normal operations. This approach stops ships violating the compliance with safety requirements and provide safe environment to the port operations.

Issuance of Safe Storage advises.

Safe storage and handling advice for hazardous cargo is given regularly to ensure EHS requirements .


Inspection of Auction Cargo.

Abandoned cargoes, which are not claimed by the consignee, are inspected for assessing suitability for auctioning. Unsuitable cargoes are either re-exported or destroyed as per Dubai municipality requirements.




EHS Awareness & Training to Port personnel and Port Users.

Various trainings are conducted to achieve excellence in the areas of Environment, Health and Safety for both Port personnel and Port users. Various EHS booklets have been developed and the awareness is spread through distribution of booklets, training and circulars.