Permit Section


Permit Section forms an integral part of Environment Health & Safety- Trakhees regulatory body, providing services to the clients operating under the Dubai World jurisdiction, to facilitate and provide quality services with professional attitude to the clients satisfaction, enabling them to perform smooth business operations/activities and to support them accomplish EHS related tasks.

The Permit Section provides the following services, where a team of dedicated professionals review and process the submissions received with aim to accomplishing tasks efficiently.

1. Review and Approval of License Applications For:

New clients License Applications for Trading, Industrial and Professional Activities. Existing Customers license application for New activities. Existing Customers license application for Activity Amendment to their existing license activities.

2. Reviewing of Drawings and issuance of EHS-NOC for Building Permit for new and existing commercial, Industrial, Residential , Food Facilities, Hotel buildings/facilities/machine/equipment and Retail Outlets etc.

3. Arranging & Carrying out Completion Inspections and issuance of EHS-NOC for Building Completion Certificate for new construction and modification, alteration & addition to the existing facilities and Shop Fit-outs for Retail outlet/office etc.

4. Review and Approval of Risk Assessment Study Reports for new & existing projects/operation/activities for identification of Potential Risks, Hazards of their operations, activities & products.

5. Review and Approval of Pre-Qualification Applications for Third Party Risk Assessment Consultants.

Permit Section team interacts with their clients to seek clarifications related to design aspects, technical aspects, and give advise on EHS regulatory requirement and implementation compliance issues. Carry out business related communication with paperless office concept and significantly contributing to the best practices in document management system.

Geared up to face challenges and put every efforts meeting the targets and goals set by the department and demonstrate playing important role towards growth of the organization

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